Pest Control

Los Angeles

What We Offer

Providing round-the-clock client support and administrative services to corporates across sectors and industries with ready-to-scale capability
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Specializing in environmental services—indoor and outdoor—to create a sustainable ecosystem at scale
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Bringing world-class technology and expertise in end-to-end maintenance, service and repair of electrical and electro-mechanical equipment and water systems
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Covering a range of functions and integrated operations to offer efficient and productive services that keep organizations in good order
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From controlling bugs to eliminating the mosquito menace, we keep your landscape and property safe and free of common pests. We assess your environment and devise custom solutions based on various factors. The region, season, and environment require consideration because every landscape is different, and providing the care it needs is not a “one-size-fits-all” type of work.

  1. Controlling Pest of different types
  2. General Spray: Use of eco-friendly and Govt. Approved chemicals. Spraying corners, wall edges, garden areas to control general pest like ants, lizards, bed bugs and mosquitoes.
  3. Fogging: Using smoke to fog entire areas, staged water, drainage, sumps, gardens to control mosquitoes
  4. Rodent control by installing bait station and placing glue pads in locations and sealing holes with poison cakes.
  5. Termite: Injection methods - drilling holes in walls and injecting chemicals and sealing it.
  6. Beehive management by chemical spray and fogging.
  7. Restrict Snakes by sealing holes and spraying powders(Catching Snakes will be from forest department).

Services We Offer

Providing a range of professionally managed services that is backed by superior expertise and technologically advanced equipment

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